South Korea Public Holidays

Public Holidays in South Korea 2023

There are 12 officially recognized holidays in South Korea (11 Public Holidays, 1 Observance Holiday)

Public holidays are days of celebration where countries celebrate important historical or religious events. In some cases, there are public holidays which are celebrated exclusively in certain region of the country.
NameNative NameDateType
New Year's Day신정01 Jan 2023
Korean New Year설날22 Jan 2023
Independence Movement Day3·1절01 Mar 2023
Children's Day어린이날05 May 2023
Buddha's Birthday석가탄신일27 May 2023
Memorial Day현충일06 Jun 2023
Constitution Day제헌절17 Jul 2023
Liberation Day광복절15 Aug 2023
Korean Thanksgiving추석29 Sep 2023
National Foundation Day개천절03 Oct 2023
Hangul Day한글날09 Oct 2023
Christmas Day기독탄신일25 Dec 2023