China Public Holidays

Public Holidays in China 2024

There are 15 officially recognized holidays in China all of them are public holidays.

Public holidays are days of celebration where countries celebrate important historical or religious events. In some cases, there are public holidays which are celebrated exclusively in certain region of the country.
NameNative NameDateType
New Year's Day元旦01 Jan 2024
Spring Festival春节09 Feb 2024
Spring Festival春节10 Feb 2024
Spring Festival春节11 Feb 2024
International Women's Day国际妇女节08 Mar 2024
Qingming Festival清明节 清明節04 Apr 2024
Labour Day劳动节01 May 2024
Youth Day青年节04 May 2024
Children's Day六一儿童节01 Jun 2024
Dragon Boat Festival端午节10 Jun 2024
Army Day建军节01 Aug 2024
Mid-Autumn Festival中秋节17 Sep 2024
National Day国庆节01 Oct 2024
National Day国庆节02 Oct 2024
National Day国庆节03 Oct 2024