Holi (होली) is a Hindu festival with origins from India. It is known as the “Festival of colors” and signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and end of the winter.

Holi Festival of Colors 2023 Date
201920. Mar 2019
202009. Mar 2020
202129. Mar 2021
202218. Mar 2022
202306. Mar 2023

For many, this day is a day to meet other people, laugh and play, forgive and forget, and repair relationships as well. The Holi festival is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest.

Holi Festival takes place a day earlier in some parts of India (West Bengal and Odisha), and in some parts of the country, festivities commence up to a week earlier as well.

The largest Holi celebrations are at Mathura and Vrindavan, four hours away from Delhi. However, celebrations take place in most areas of India.

The Festival of Colors is vibrant and filled with amazing vivid colors. It is considered one of the major festivals in India. Holi is celebrated in the month of Phalgun on full moon day according to Hindu calendar. It is a public holiday in India and Nepal, and also a regional holiday in other countries.

The festival begins with the lightening of a bonfire on Holi eve. The next morning, people gather in public spaces and take part in Rangwali Holi. Rangwali Holi is an amazing affair where people chase each other around, throwing handfuls of colored powders (gulals) at one another – while drenched in water!

There is a lot of dance and happy atmosphere during the Holi. People tend to exchange gifts, sweets, and snacks to other people during festivities.

The Festival of Color gives us an opportunity to reunite with family and friends. It brings colors into the life of people where they share the joy of life with other people and loved ones.