Pahiyas Festival 2024

7 days ago
Estimated attendance: 180k visitors annually.
Pahiyas Festival
Pahiyas Festival
is an annual celebration held in the Philippines, marking the end of the harvest season, and giving thanks to the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador. This festival is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm and is famous for its unique way of displaying the bountiful harvest of the region.

When it's Pahiyas Festival 2024?

14 May 2024
1 Day Event
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The Pahiyas Festival is held annually on May 15 in the town of Lucban, in the province of Quezon. This vibrant festival attracts visitors from all over the Philippines and the world, eager to experience the unique cultural heritage and traditions of this small town.

History of Pahiyas Festival

The festival has its roots in the 16th century when the town of Lucban was established. The locals, who were farmers, used to offer their first harvest to San Isidro Labrador as a way of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest.
Over the years, this tradition evolved into a grand celebration that is now known as the Pahiyas Festival.

Highlights of the Festival

The Pahiyas Festival is a feast for the senses, with its vibrant colors, delicious food, and lively music and dances. Some of the highlights of the festival include:
  • Kakanin Display: One of the main attractions of the festival is the display of traditional Filipino sweets and desserts known as Kakanin. These delicacies are made from rice, coconut milk, and sugar and are decorated with colorful and intricate designs.
  • Colorful Decorations: The houses in Lucban are decorated with brightly colored rice straws and leaves, creating a beautiful and festive atmosphere. The decorations are a symbol of the abundant harvest and are designed to display the creativity and talent of the residents.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Display: Another highlight of the festival is the display of the bountiful harvest of the region. Fruits and vegetables of all shapes, sizes, and colors are arranged in beautiful and intricate designs, highlighting the richness and diversity of the local agriculture.
  • Music and Dances: The festival is accompanied by music and dances that reflect the culture and traditions of the region. Local musicians play traditional instruments and lead the crowd in lively dances, creating a festive atmosphere that is truly unforgettable.
Pahiyas Festival
is a celebration of the bounty of the harvest and the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. With its colorful decorations, delicious food, and lively music and dances, this festival is a true feast for the senses. Whether you are a local or a visitor, the Pahiyas Festival is an event that should not be missed.
So, come and experience the joy and excitement of this unique and vibrant festival and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines.