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Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2023

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This is an annual winter festival which takes place in Harbin, China, and it is the largest ice and snow festival worldwide. In 2017 the festival attracted more than 18 million visitors from all around the world.

What date is Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2023?
05 January 202328 February 202355 days

During the Harbin Ice Festival in the People’s Republic of China, you might see the world’s biggest ice sculptures as well. Harbin is located in Northeast China and receives cold winter wind from Siberia. With an average temperature during the winter of -16.8 °C (1.8 °F).

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival showcases jaw-dropping works of art, sculpted with ice from one of the most primary rivers in China – Songhua River.

This phenomenal winter wonderland will delight kids just as much as adults with its glorious and huge ice and snow sculptures. Low temperatures (below minus 30 degrees Celsius) are not uncommon in this city during the winter, so make sure to bundle up during your visit.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The festival officially starts on January 5 each year and lasts one month. However, exhibits often open earlier and stay longer – depending on the weather.

Huge ice sculptures are erected throughout the city during the festival period and there is a lot of festivities and events related to it. There are two main exhibition areas during the international ice and snow festival:

  1. Sun Island
  2. Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival China

The Sun Island is a recreational area on the other side of the Songhua River and features an expo of enormous and breathtaking sculptures which are made entirely from snow. The Ice and Snow World is an area that is open at night and features illuminated buildings made from blocks of 2 to 3 inches thick ice.

Harbin Festival China

Tourists will be amazed by the magnificent ice and snow buildings, which often includes an ice maze, ice bar, and even an ice hotel as well. There is also the chance to participate in festival activities such as ice rock climbing, skiing, sliding, snow fights and many more.